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Star of the Day (June 5, 2012 )

Our star of the day is Nigel Lythgoe for his dedication and support of the arts.  His efforts help the next generation of stars to reach their dreams.

Nigel who was born 9 July 1949 is an English television and film director and producer, and former dancer in the Young Generation and choreographer. He is noted for being the producer of the shows Pop Idol and American Idol as well as being a creator, executive producer and a regular judge for So You Think You Can Dance. He was also creator of the 2009 competition Superstars of Dance. Nigel Lythgoe is one of the most respected talents in the world of television. He was also instrumental in the efforts to have a National Dane Day which is July 30th. Nigel supports several charities and causes and is founder of the Dizzy Feet Foundation. Lythgoe has two boys, Simon and Kristopher, and four grandchildren: Kyan, Tighe, Dominie and George.

For more information on Nigel and to see some awesome dancing check out So You Think You Can Dance every Wednesday on Fox.

Also learn more about the Dizzy Feet Foundation at

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